*Update* – Check out the C-Series next to an iPhone here.

Wow, hot off our report that BlackBerry has at least four devices planned and N4BB Live webcast where we spoke of the next devices and look what has shown up. The “Americano” device, which is part of the BlackBerry 10 ‘Cafe’ series.

The Americano looks to be a blend of the Z30 and the Q5. This C-series device is said to sport a 4.2″ screen with 720×1280 resolution. We can confirm that the C-Series exists and there will also be a keyboard variant.

You can see from the image that the device has Verizon Wireless branding. This likely signifies the device is certainly planned for the US. Are you interested in a Q5 specced all-touch device? Check out the other photo below:


via BBin, CB