For many years, BlackBerry and Mippin have worked together for the “BlackBerry App Generator.” The generator allowed anyone to quickly create a BlackBerry 10, PlayBook, and legacy BBOS app with only a few clicks.

Unfortunately, with BlackBerry gutting most of their Developer Relations team and shifting back to a more Enterprise focus, a need for the BlackBerry App Generator hasn’t exactly been necessary.

Today, BlackBerry has let users of the BlackBerry App Generator know that they will soon be disbanding the service, and customers will have to go directly through to Mippin.

In an email sent to users, BlackBerry says:

Here’s what you need to do
Prior to May 29, 2015, log in to the BlackBerry App Generator and you will be asked if you would like to transfer your account to Mippin.

If you provide your consent, we will transfer your BlackBerry App Generator account to Mippin on May 29. The new service will be free of charge until December 31, 2015. Prior to this date, Mippin will provide you with options to continue the new service.

If you do not provide consent to transfer your account, your applications created through the BlackBerry App Generator will be removed from BlackBerry World on May 29.

Looking ahead
BlackBerry® has made the decision to end of life this product as part of our shift in strategic focus to serve the needs of enterprise customers. As such, we will no longer accept new applications created through the BlackBerry App Generator.
We appreciate your support of BlackBerry App Generator and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

To make sure that your service is not disrupted, BlackBerry says it is offering you the opportunity to use the same App Generator service, but now through the Mippin App Generator.