It has been quite apparent that BlackBerry wouldn’t oppose a sale offer if the terms were right. In August, BlackBerry announced it had formed a committee to evaluate its strategic options for partnerships, privatization, or outright sale with the help of JP Morgan.

With recent news of Microsoft purchasing Nokia, it would seem there may be some hope for a potential bidder. New reports suggest the board is looking to have BlackBerry sold by November of this year.

BlackBerry has allegedly “held preliminary talks with parties interested in buying part or all of the company,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “It has narrowed its list of potential bidders to seek out in a sales process expected to begin soon,” said their source.

It will be tough to close a deal in such a short timeframe, but BlackBerry’s board seems to be looking for a quick flip. Although, having the company announce it was reviewing options for sale may have sabotaged it’s own success.

“Our view is that enterprises will further delay implementations and even die-hard consumers will catch wind that BlackBerry is for sale and not commit to the platform,” National Bank analyst Kris Thompson said in a note to clients Wednesday. “The longer the strategic review lasts, the uglier BlackBerry’s outlook may look.”

It’s still unclear who might be on the list of potential bidders. WSJ suggests “private-equity players and possibly some Asian tech companies” may be contenders.

via WSJ