BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, was making the media rounds today at the Milken Institue’s Global Conference in Los Angeles.

Chen has revealed some juicy new details about BlackBerry’s future in interviews with Bloomberg and CNBC.


Chen also met for an interview with CNN Money‘s Cristina Alesci during the event, where he discussed partnerships.

Alesci pressed Chen on expanding BlackBerry’s success with encryption to their competitors, namely Apple.

“Yes, if Apple would ever come to us and would love to have our security, we could talk,” said Chen. He added, “it takes two parties to dance,” but said BlackBerry would make its software available “for any device operating system.”

Chen refused to comment directly if Apple has already approached BlackBerry to discuss such a partnership, like we’ve seen with Samsung utilizing BES12 with KNOX.

“Yes, we speak to our rivals. We may be going after the same customer base, but we’re not enemies. You can be friends and compete — like athletes,” Chen said.

Chen has been orchestrating a lot of new partnerships and acquisitions to bring BlackBerry back to profitability. For this, CNN Money named Chen the runner-up to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, as the best CEO of 2014.

BlackBerry has seen its ship steered in new directions. With Chen stabilizing the company and focusing on higher-margin software projects, investors have seemed pleased and it has resulted in a 40 percent rise in shares over the past year.

Watch the CNN Money interview here.