Greetings Cards Maker

Show you care by sending your mother a customized digital greetings card this Mother’s day. With Greeting Cards Maker you can create your own digital cards using either our stock images or your own pictures, with personalized greetings and text on top – all while on-the-go! You can then save your greeting card and email it in the way you would with a photo or share it on Facebook.

Greetings Cards Maker is available to download for $3.99 from our store here.

Hit the break for more great Mother’s Day apps!


Curiosk Wine and Food Pairing

Treat your mother or wife to a special meal this Mother’s day with the help of the Curiosk Wine and Food Pairing app on your BlackBerry smartphone. Simply choose your preferred dish and method of preparation and the Curiosk Wine and Food Pairing app will do the rest.

Curiosk Wine and Food Pairing is available to download for $2.99 from our store here.


Spark Recipes

Is your mum watching her weight?  Why not download Spark Recipes to her BlackBerry smartphone this Mother’s Day.  Spark Recipes is a great way to lose weight and save money. This healthy recipes application lets you browse and search almost 200,000 recipes, plus save your favourites. It also provides information on calorie and carb content.  Perfect for anyone on a diet!

Spark Recipes is available to download free from BlackBerry App World here.


10 Top Wines

Is your mum a wine enthusiast?  Why not use ’10 Top Wines’ to find her the perfect bottle this Mother’s day. The app provides concise and authoritative information on the best wines to choose for every occasion, information on must-have vintages, buying guides and regional wine tours.

10 Top Wines is available to download for $6.99 from our store here.


Mother … What A Day (ebook)

Appeal to your mother’s sense of humour by downloading this ebook directly to her BlackBerry smartphone. Bob Gibbs has produced 80 brilliant cartoons depicting the ups and downs of motherhood, from conception and morning sickness to other types (Scrummy Mummy vs. Scummy Mummy), toilet training, school days and holidays. With jokes and pertinent quotes to complement the cartoons, this is not just a perfect Mother’s day gift but a great present for all those not-so-perfect mothers.

Mother …What A Day is available to download for free from BlackBerry App World here.


Relaxing Tunes (Morning Dew)

Help your mother unwind and make the most of her special day with the Relaxing Tunes (Morning Dew) app for the BlackBerry smartphone.  Listen to perfectly looped meditation and relaxation tunes, original melodies prepared for relaxation, meditation, yoga and stress relief. Choose from First to Rise: Music tune to start your day, Mountains: A folk music tune with calmness of mountain and nature, and many many more. Application features include a sleep timer, wake up alarm and smooth volume control.


Relaxing Tunes (Morning Dew) is available to download for $1.99 from our store here.


Pocket Yoga

Yoga is a great way for your mother to relax and refresh her body, spirit, and mind. The Pocket Yoga app for the BlackBerry smartphone will guide your Mum through yoga sessions which aim to enhance physical and mental strength. The app will talk her through all of the yoga poses, and suits all levels, whether a beginner or advanced yogi! Treat your mother to the gift of inner peace and relaxation.

Pocket Yoga is available for $4.99 from our store here.