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As a BlackBerry user, you’re most likely all too familiar with the infamous Battery Pull. It is that last resort when nothing else seems to make your BlackBerry run smoother or if it completely locks up. A battery pull can seem to fix almost anything. With the recent BlackBerry outage everyone has been affected by there were still a few users not receiving e-mails. RIM’s solution was to do a battery pull to get your BlackBerry to ‘re-sync’ with the BIS or BES service.

One thing I have been pondering on is the new QNX Superphone. It is rumored to be a ‘Mini-PlayBook’. If you’re a PlayBook owner, you know the battery is not removable. Will this be the same in the QNX Superphone, with a SIM card slot on the outside of the devices form factor? That would be a dream to never have to do a battery pull. Guess we might see coming up at DevCon is only 5 days! Nevertheless, how many times do you do a battery pull? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments.