Ok, so it might not look exactly as illustrated in the picture above. However, it should look remarkably similar in the least. We’ve been given some fresh details on the ‘BlackBerry Colt’, which is set to be RIM’s first BBX Superphone. We originally broke the first details on the device when we simultaneously told you the 10″ PlayBook was canned. Here’s a recap on those specs:

  • Single-core 1.2GHz processor (same as Bold 9900) was initially used in first testing phase, but a dual-core processor is in the works and currently in working prototypes
  • 900+ screen resolution (could be same as PlayBook for easy transition of apps)
  • 4.x″ touchscreen
Here are the fresh specs we’ve learned:
  • Thinner than the Bold 9900, 9930
  • Similar outer stainless steel bezel unibody as the Bold 9900, 9930
  • TAT transitions coupled in BBX (see demo of it here)
  • Similar battery as PlayBook (no more battery pulls!)
  • No physical buttons
  • All swipe inner bezel
  • Front and back facing cameras, with enhanced flash and focus
The BlackBerry Colt should change the landscape of the mobile-space and usher in a new era of BlackBerry. From what we saw of BBX at DevCon 2011 and the implementation of the TAT rich UI, we’re extremely excited for RIM’s future. From what we’ve been told, the Colt and others like it will be the BlackBerry you’ve been dreaming of. The BBX Superphone has a projected release date of mid 2012.