Coming up on June 28th, BlackBerry will announce their Q1 results. Estimates as to the success of BlackBerry 10 have been equally mixed.

The results of Q1 are essential for investors who will be looking for evidence to decide where the company’s future may lead. However, as Michael Blair on Seeking Alpha points out, the results may be quite good.

Blair has shown updated charts from StatCounter Global to present only the June 16, 2013 data for Canada, the United Kingdom and South Africa markets that were among the first to receive BlackBerry 10.

It was found that according to StatCounter’s data, “BlackBerry has displaced Android as the second most popular mobile OS in the country with a remarkable recovery to an approximately 30% market share.”

In the United Kingdom, “BlackBerry has emerged with a strong third place in the United Kingdom with an 18% percent share of market.” As for South Africa, “BlackBerry is the number one OS in South Africa, holding a commanding 40% share of market.”

As for the United States, Blair says there is very little data other than the publicly announced sale of 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices. We’ll certainly know soon enough on June 28th. However, if these figures hold true, investors will likely begin to look at the outlook rather than the quarter.