The rumored BlackBerry BlackHawk Specs:

  • 5mp camera with auto flash
  • 824mhz processor
  • full mobile graphics chip (not sure the brand or type but will find out) for gaming
  • OLED “HD” screen full touch sensitive and gaming consumer geared (like
    iphone) for ex. playing mario cart. or a driving game you turn it in
    hands the screen follows. RIM has patent’d this tech and is yet to be
    named but far from new.
  • wi-fi bg (n tested in labs battery falls way short)
  • lte,cdma,evdo,rev-a,rev-b,gsm quad band. and for att release 7.2+mbps
  • 2100 mah battery as of now. could change at release.
  • beta adobe flash being tested for full flash browsing.

We know that RIM was working on a slide out QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry, but ultimately stopped further attempts to produce it. If the diagram above is correct, and is NOT the original design from a previous slide out keyboard concept, many are wondering what it could ultimately look like. Some speculate it will look similar to the Storm 2. Either way, we’re all looking forward to see what else RIM has up their sleeves.