BlackBerry is gearing up to launch a product called ‘Blend’ alongside the Passport. BlackBerry Blend will allow you to “extend your productivity on every screen.” So far, we haven’t heard too many details on the service, besides the earlier leaked hands-on demo video.

Up to this point, it was thought that BlackBerry Blend would be available on Mac and Windows PCs. And a nonchalant mention of support “for your tablet.” Was it only the PlayBook? Today, we can exclusively confirm BlackBerry Blend will have availability on iPad, Android, and Windows tablets. Unfortunately, at this time it does not appear the PlayBook will be supported.

With BlackBerry Blend you will be able to access your BlackBerry smartphone’s data such as: BBM, SMS, Email, Calendar, Contacts, and File Manager. Blend will also support integrated notification system across each device. Customers will have the ability to replace VPN with the Blend connectivity.