We’ve heard plenty of news recently about the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9650 (formerly known as the Tour 2) .  We already knew that it was going to feature Wi-Fi, a trackpad, and upgraded processor.  This news shows us that the CDMA Bold 9650 may be the first Blackberry to feature 512mb of application memory.

This, supposedly, is gearing up the device to run OS 6.0 and Webkit browser when it releases.  That’s great, but what about the 9700, and Storm 2?  Both only have 256mb of memory.  Does this mean that the 9700 won’t be able to run OS 6.0 and/or Webkit?  Nothing is for sure yet, but hopefully RIM will answer all our questions (fat chance) at WES 2010.

[via CrackBerry]