It was some what recent that we had heard rumors there was going to be a 9700 refresh dubbed ‘Onyx Delta’. Then the BlackBerry 9780 kind of came out of no where in a UAProf Doc and later the worlds first image. As it is customary with most outed devices, once the leak begins to drip it just keeps pouring.

*We’ve put together a video comparing it to the 9700 and showing a bit of the new features. You can skip to this as it is at the very bottom. However, we had technical issues and could not get any audio to go along.*

It is very interesting to see that OS 6 only takes up about 180MB of the 512MB RAM. This is a lot less than the 9800 Slider’s OS 6 version. This is most likely due to the touchscreen requiring a lot more memory. Given that the trackpad OS 6 version doesn’t require as much memory, perhaps we will see it on almost all other trackpad devices? It has been rumored that OS 6 would release to the 9700 and 9100, but it would not go on the 9300 (lower grade processor). If we do see OS 6 release on the 9700 and 9100, we’d bet carriers won’t release it until sometime in 2011.

Not much has changed aesthetically for the 9780 from the 9700. The only difference is the 9780 now sports a gun metal bezel, whereas the 9700 had a regular chrome bezel.  Which do you like better?

Here are the current specs we know:

  • 624Mhz Processor
  • 512MB Flash RAM 
  • OS (possible launch build)
  • 480×360 Resolution Screen TFT, 65K colors
  • 5.0 MP Camera with LED Flash
  • Trackpad
  • GSM / UMA / HSPA+?
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
  • Wi-Fi b/g (possibly N?) 
  • Gun Metal Bezel

We apologize that there is no audio. 

BlackBerry Bold 9780 from BBLeaks on Vimeo.

Are you impressed with the 9780? If you currently have a 9700, will you upgrade to the 9780 so you can have OS 6 right away?