In recent years we’ve only ever seen the Apple iPhone draw immense lines for it debut. No doubt Indonesia is one of BlackBerry’s biggest fan, as about a crowd of 3,000 lined up to get their hands on the new Bold 9790. Things were going nice and orderly until word quickly spread that the store was very low on inventory or already sold out.

The cause for such an incredible turn out was for the discounts RIM had offered. The first 1,000 customers received 50% off the otherwise $540 priced device. Many in line were injured while several others fainted from the crush of the crowd as hundreds of local riot police sought to contain the melee. “There were scuffles because people who arrived last night were placed at the end of the line,” eyewitness Janjuk Setiawan said.

Nonetheless, despite the out of control crowd, it has to be a welcoming sign to RIM. BlackBerry has garnered a large portion of the marketshare in Indonesia, a country of about six million current BlackBerry users. Do you believe we could ever see lineups at the door for a BlackBerry launch in North America?

via FP