Back on November 2nd, N4BB was there when Rogers Wireless and CIBC chose to use BlackBerry as the Platform of choice for Canada’s first Mobile Credit Card Transaction.

That historic day was just a tease!  They made us consumers wait 2 whole weeks to get to try it ourselves.  Over those 2 weeks, I managed to set up a CIBC credit card, and get myself a Rogers Secured NFC SIM card.

And try it I did. Today November 16th at 1:00PM EST, the CIBC Mobile Payment™ App went live.

The set up process is easy, simply download and install the app.  Once you run the app it will give you a phone number to call, and the pleasant person on the other end will connect your CIBC credit card to your account.   Now I was their first caller apparently, so the conversation took about 15 minutes to complete.

After getting your data, they SMS your credit card details to your phone.  This is all done inside the app, which they neglected to tell me.   I therefore sat for 5 minutes waiting for a SMS, got impatient and loaded the app to find a notification inside the app confirming that my info was downloaded.

Lastly I was asked to enter a voluntary 5 digit passcode that is asked for every time you open the app. I chose to select a passcode for myself.

Shortly after, I went into a busy Tim Hortons in Barrie, Ontario and purchased a large coffee.  Here is the video I clumsily took while paying. Unfortunately, there was a long line behind me so I didn’t want to take long.

I suggest if you have a BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9790, or 9360 and a CIBC Credit Card, you go to Rogers and get an NFC SIM card.  Being the First caller I was given $15 credit on my account as would an undisclosed number of people who register before Dec 31st 2012.  So get to it quickly N4BB readers!

More information on CIBC Mobile Payment can be seen by clicking here.