It seems that RIM really wants to broaden their target market with the BlackBerry 9800. We know it is coming in the classic black, we’ve heard rumors of white, and now it could possibly come in red!?

The online store, TrueSupplier, has posted this full housing, faceplate cover, and bezel in a crimson red for the 9800. We aren’t sure if this is truly a sign that there will be a red 9800 you can buy, or if this is only additional parts if you wanted to change the color yourself. What do you think of this color? Do you think this is only an after-market piece, or will we see a red 9800 on carriers?

If a stock red colored 9800 does get pushed to carriers it would seem as though RIM is looking to market the 9800 to the consumer more than the corporate user. Could we see a fuchsia or other colors? What color would you want your BlackBerry 9800 to be?