BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Montana Hands-on Video

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Montana Hands-on Video

*UPDATE* The original video on YouTube has been removed. Alternatively, you can watch it on Vimeo here

We’ve been sent this short video of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Montana. Earlier we saw those 3D rendered tutorial videos that gave a good insight into the Bold Touch, but now we get the first live footage. The 9930 is the CDMA version of the Bold Touch, which we’ll likely see hit Verizon and possibly Sprint after the Dakota 9900 (GSM) releases. The video is just a quick glimpse at the responsiveness of the touchscreen on the 9930.

If you look closely, you can see that BlackBerry ID is embedded within OS 6.1. If you aren’t aware of what BBID is, we suggest you checkout our explanation piece. Check out the video and draw your thoughts on the touchscreen. Make sure to keep it locked to N4BB for more videos!

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