The BlackBerry Bridge app, the software essential to pairing your BlackBerry smartphone with the PlayBook, has popped back up in BlackBerry App World. However, some users are not quite able to download it just yet, at least not through the on-device App World. You can, however, use the web App World to do a manual install, as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Install the App World browser plugin in FireFox or Internet Explorer
  3. Click ‘Download’ on Bridge app page here
  4. Login with your BBID or create a new one
  5. Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to computer via USB
  6. Accept all agreements and sync to install Bridge app

After following the steps above, you should have successfully installed the Bridge app. Then, on your PlayBook go to the Bridge settings, select the device to pair with (make sure Bluetooth is turned on), enter the secret keycode into your smartphone that is generated on the PlayBook. After this, you should have successfully ‘Bridged’ your two BlackBerry devices and you will see a new set of icons appear on the PlayBook under the ‘BlackBerry Bridge’ tab.