BlackBerry 10 has officially been out on the streets for a little over three months in the United Kingdom, and it seems as though that’s been plenty of time for them to close a little bit of the gap as far as usage and market share. The folks over at Seeking Alpha did a little research and learned that the BlackBerry web browser is gradually increasing in usage. So much so that it’s beginning to catch up to Samsung.

The graph above shows the change in how much each mobile platform browser has been used since March of 2012, with a few annotations made by Seeking Alpha. The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the graph is the steady decline for the BlackBerry browser, as well as the commanding lead of Apple’s Safari on iOS.

At the beginning of February, which is when the Z10 was released in the UK, things begin to turn around. You’ll see that the usage of BlackBerry’s browser began to increase. In fact, since February 1st, it has increased by an impressive 21%.

During the same time span, the usage of Samsung browsers pretty much stayed the same, while that of Apple’s iOS began to slightly decrease. What exactly does this mean? Well we already know that 55% of those purchasing a BlackBerry Z10 were coming from other platforms, so the logical conclusion is that a large portion of those people have switched from iOS over to BlackBerry.

Of course, I have no official numbers to support that; these are just the speculations made by one lone blogger who is looking at some data.