When Apple first unveiled the iPhone 5S, which features a fingerprint scanner, we asked your opinion on the matter. At one point, BlackBerry was considering implementing the feature in TrackPads. Unfortunately, the ability never came to fruition.

While the fingerprint scanner might seem gimmicky on the iPhone, another major mobile OEM is rumored to be heading down the same path. HTC looks to also plan on introducing a fingerprint scanner on its upcoming One Max smartphone.

If the above photo is authentic, which the Wall Street Journal is confirming, you will see HTC’s next flagship device with a fingerprint scanner. The One Max is on the right, with the fingerprint scanner under the camera.

BlackBerry is still known as the king of mobile security. Do you think BlackBerry should capitalize on their fingerprint scanner patents and venture into the biometric security arena?

Imagine the level of security BlackBerry could offer with the addition of a fingerprint scanner along with a passcode or pattern-type lock. A two-factor lock would offer optimal security. Although, as pointed out by Wired, fingerprint scanners may no longer allow US users the ability to “plead the fifth” if ever arrested.