Yesterday, BlackBerry unveiled two new upcoming smartphones, the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBerry Q20. The Z3 will be targeted to emerging markets, like Indonesia. Whereas, the BlackBerry Q20 will be a flagship mid to high-end device.

However, what about an absolute beastly BlackBerry smartphone? Will BlackBerry one day regain itself to attack the spec-focused niche? Some reports point to one day of an octa-core 64-bit BlackBerry focus.

Nonetheless, a concept artist has crafted the BlackBerry C30. This BlackBerry device would be an absolute beast of a device, bringing edge-to-edge screen and even the optical TrackPad (perhaps, to double as fingerprint scanner?).

With confidence, can say I would rock a BlackBerry C30. The specs and ergonomic design appeals to me. Are you on the same page? Sound off in the comments.