After BlackBerry Jam Asia, there was rumor spreading that it was the last of event of its kind. With the company looking for investment from Fairfax Financial, it wasn’t clear if they’d be pushing any future developer events.

BlackBerry has since decided to cancel BlackBerry Jam Europe 2014 and plans on reevaluating it’s position on holding other events. Perhaps, we might no longer even see the BlackBerry Live event in Orlando, Florida.

Nevertheless, here’s the message BlackBerry is sending out the developers:

Thanks for your ongoing interest in our BlackBerry® Jam events. We’re writing today to let you know that we are taking some time to reevaluate our current events strategy and it has been determined that we will not proceed with BlackBerry Jam Europe in 2014. That said, we will continue to keep you updated as new events and BlackBerry activities become available.

BlackBerry events have always been purpose-driven, designed to help get your hands on new products, get familiar with our services, to learn about our future plans and roadmaps, and to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of BlackBerry platforms.

We will continue to engage with our developers in more focused ways, designed with a greater emphasis on the opportunities we have to talk to our developers about what matters most to you. We will keep you informed of future BlackBerry developer events.

Best Regards,
The BlackBerry Jam Conference Team

Thanks Dave!