New CEO John Chen has come in with an iron fist in his first 2 months of work, and some things are being changed around drastically to accomodate BlackBerry’s new direction. The latest adjustment was noted by the WSJ in an SEC filing by BlackBerry after their earnings report on Friday. According to the WSJ, paperwork filed indicated BlackBerry cancelled two upcoming device releases that were slated for emerging markets in 2014. The two canned devices were the rumored C, and K-series which have been talked about for quite some time now.

So, since those two devices have been given the axe, what can we expect for next year instead?

Well, thanks to CEO Chen, we know that the codename Jakarta smartphone will be making its debut next spring as the first BlackBerry device made by Foxconn. Today’s WSJ report also shed light on two upcoming high-end smartphones aimed at the enterprise world, codenamed Ontario, and Windermere. Not much detail is given about these two other devices, aside from the fact that one is all-touch, and one has a QWERTY keyboard. Hopefully, they can pack a punch as well.

We all think 2014 will be a big year for BlackBerry, and odds are these three devices will help determine that in a big way, so there wasn’t any real need for two other phones on top of it as well. Smart move, Mr. Chen. Smart move.