Looks like BlackBerry CEO John Chen has upped his bet on BlackBerry’s successful turnaround. He very candidly expressed the turnaround effort was a 50-50 shot but speaking yesterday at Re/code’s Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California Chen remarked, “I am quite positive that we will be able to save the patient.”

He’s since, upped his estimated at to 80/20 a much stronger tell that the company in on the right track toward profitability.

In an in-depth interview with Bloomberg which you can watch below; Chen talks messaging, end to end solutions, hardware, market share and more. While rehashing much of what we’ve already heard, it’s great that he’s giving the market status checks on the vitality and drive for the future. BlackBerry is not dead, and far from resting in peace.

As security breaches cascade across the market place, Chen can smile at both his leadership position in the secure server technology as well as be satisfied with his secure QNX kernels lion-share of connected cars. He sees the necessity of BlackBerry technologies in the future of connectedness. BlackBerry has unique assets that tie together to maximize value for shareholders. Bolstering that solution forward is where Chen see’s the real value.

“I will be able to create a lot of value for our shareholder even without handset business, but I can create more with the handset business” – John Chen