John Chen sits this morning with Bloomberg, giving his update on the company’s fortunes as he navigates BlackBerry toward profitability during the quarter coming in March. When asked about “speculation” regarding buyout offers Chen quips, “I don’t have any offers on my desk…If people would like to talk, I mean, talk is not an offer.”

Chen has put he turnaround success for BlackBerry at “better than 80/20” but shys away from 100% so as to not jynx his own fortunes. Withheld, but clearly focused, Chen seems pleased with the strategy taking shape, the leadership roles he’s brought in, and is looking to make this Fall one of the most revealing segments of BlackBerry’s 2014.

Chen closes the interview with a tempered sense of optimism,

“I am comfortable with where the company is today, how we managed our technology, our businesses, the margins, the distribution channel or the new products that’s coming out,” Chen said. “Whether it’s going to be good enough to be iconic again, OK, that’s something I need to chew on. I don’t know the answer to that question.”


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