BlackBerry CEO John Chen is all ‘about the Benjamins.’ If the company’s handset division remains unprofitable, Chen says he will want to focus more on the company’s corporate reach with investments, acquisitions and partnerships.

“If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business,” John Chen said in an interview with Reuters.

Chen’s longterm plan for BlackBerry is to have it “invest in or team up with other companies in regulated industries such as healthcare, and financial and legal services, all of which require highly secure communications.”

The sale of the BlackBerry’s handset division wouldn’t mean the company was throwing in the towel. Chen told Reuters, in a video interview, that the company intends to keep working on its mobile operating system, software business, and enterprise server services.

[UPDATE] John Chen has come out and clarified his quotes to Reuters this morning. BlackBerry believes he was misquoted and taken completely out of context. Check out the full story here.