BlackBerry CEO John Chen spoke with Bloomberg at CES 2014 in Las Vegas today about the future of the company. A lot of what was talked about can be chalked up as already known, but watching Chen speak with a relaxed yet confident tone is definitely cool. During the interview, Chen is asked about upcoming devices and whether they’d be touchscreen-only or have a physical QWERTY keyboard, to which he answered candidly, “I think there were enough leaks in the market that the first is a touchscreen [laughs], so I’m not gonna confirm or deny it. I’m just gonna tell you that.”

When asked about the lawsuit against Typo, Chen said he couldn’t really comment, but added, “BlackBerry has 44,000 patents, and I think it is important that we gain some benefits throughout ownership of those patents.” Basically, we are suing because we can, and we want to get some business out of it. Straight up gangster. And that’s how business should be.

Make sure you check out the video below for the full interview with Bloomberg