This morning, CNBC has published an Op-Ed from BlackBerry CEO John Chen. The letter is a very upfront, and direct message to pretty much anyone out there, shareholder or not, that BlackBerry is still very much alive, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. We’ve seen Op-Eds like this before from previous regime leader, Thorsten Heins, but this one stands out because of one key aspect, a plan behind the message of resurgence.

Chen makes it very clear in this editorial that he does not plan on leaving BlackBerry’s comeback to chance. There is a strategic plan which has been devised in the first two months as CEO by his whole team of industry leaders. The plan as we know, revolves around four key aspects of BlackBerry: Enterprise, QNX, BBM, and Devices.

Chen also flexes the company’s muscles a bit. He references BES’ tremendous strengths in the corporate, and governmental worlds, “We have three times the number of customers compared to Good, AirWatch and MobileIron combined. This makes BlackBerry the leader in mobile-device management;” while also touching on BBM’s continued growth in the multi-platform stage.

All in all, while CEO Chen doesn’t reveal too much we don’t already know, it’s clear he wants to send a message loud, and clear for everyone to know: This is not the BlackBerry of old, and we’re not going anywhere.