In case you were still on the fence about the size, dimensions, or look of the newly minted BlackBerry Passport, you may change your mind after watching the video above. It features BlackBerry CEO John Chen giving BNN a look at both the Classic and the Passport devices, with the latter taking the forefront.

Chen explains in the video how BlackBerry’s competitors’ devices – and even some of their own phones – are pushing the size of their displays to be “bigger, and longer, and wider” these days, which is why BlackBerry is sticking with the 1:1 ratio instead for these physical keyboard devices.

BlackBerry showed off both devices for the first time last Thursday at the shareholders meeting. We’re told it wasn’t a planned display, but Chen decided right then and there to do an impromptu showing of both future BlackBerry 10 devices, and it seems to have been the right move.

He convinced me to get a Passport the minute he showed it off at the AGM, but after seeing it in video, I want it now. Hopefully these next months fly by, so we can finally get our hands on one of these bad boys.

Does seeing the Passport on video change your mind at all about picking one up when it comes to market later this year? Let us know below!