BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, took to interviews at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference, where he has revealed the company’s forthcoming strategies.

In another interview with Bloomberg, Chen reiterated that BlackBerry is in its second stage of returning to profitability.

Chen says he will continue to generate cash and get their revenue stabilized. Chen says this will be within the next four quarters and in a year from now see revenue growing again.

A few points within the company need to change to steer the ship in the right direction. Chen says it will simply take time.

Chen then moves onto discussing the future handsets. The BlackBerry Slider will be shipping by the end of the year, says Chen. As for the other two devices, likely the “Oslo” and “Keian”, Chen says we may not see them this year.

Unfortunately, the Bloomberg interviewer is a bit of a rude arse. Nevertheless, Chen did a great job giving his responses. Check it out in the video here.