BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, recently revealed a personal issue. It’s gaining traction with some media due to its ironic nature. The wife of the CEO and “savior” of BlackBerry uses a Samsung.

Chen admitted it embarrasses him. “There were a couple of parties we went to and, when my wife brought out the Samsung, everyone kind of looked at me funny,” Chen told the Financial Times.

“So eventually I said she needed to use a BlackBerry. ‘No, I like my Samsung,’ she said, and I told her she was embarrassing me.” A completely understandable request from Chen, given that image and perception can shape people’s minds. Envision tech pundits will soon be blabbering, “Does this mean BlackBerry truly is terrible if the CEO’s wife doesn’t even use it?”

I can somewhat relate to Mr. Chen. I had encouraged a previous girlfriend to use every BlackBerry smartphone since the original Storm. Similarly to Chen’s wife, my girlfriend continually wanted the latest Android device. She’s a heavy Google services user and found the experience to be better with pure Android.

However, it never affected the way I saw and utilized BlackBerry. Granted, I couldn’t necessarily expect a positive answer on BlackBerry-related questions and feedback from her. Though, I remained headstrong and continued making N4BB what it is today. I still took pride in my work, even if I didn’t have her support for the product I loved.

And it really doesn’t matter what device your significant other uses. I don’t want to get all “Huffington Post” on you, but your partner isn’t yours to control and therefore shouldn’t define who you are. If Chen’s wife enjoys the experience of Samsung over BlackBerry, that’s her prerogative.

Chen’s wife’s decision, however, does not reflect the incredible changes John has brought to BlackBerry. Mind you, apparently all the while his wife has been using a Samsung the entire time.

Perhaps, one day BlackBerry will produce a device that will make Chen’s wife switch. Imagine the publicity and guidance Chen’s wife could offer with, “Why I Switched from Samsung to BlackBerry.” But if not, Chen’s wife is her own individual, and her choices should not overshadow her husband’s superior business strategies, which have allowed BlackBerry to survive.