Some news had started going around that BlackBerry was leaving some developers out in the cold. A mistaken discrepancy regarding some of the term deadlines involved with the 10K Developer Commitment was allegedly made. Changes on the website were brought to light in the BlackBerry support forums by concerned members, noting a date change from March 4, 2014 to March 4, 2013, which greatly reduced the eligibility period of the commitment.

Thankfully, BlackBerry was quick to shed some clarifying light in regard to the situation, making it clear that all those who became eligible within the deadlines outlined in the original terms and conditions will be supported. The concerning date confusion was found in this blog post by Alec Saunders and has since been updated for further clarification.

BlackBerry sent in this statement updating any misinformation regarding the 10K offer.

“On March 4, 2014 the BlackBerry $10k Developer Commitment program came to an end. At that time, it came to our attention that there were discrepancies between the original terms and conditions and a related blog post originally published on March 2, 2013. We corrected the blog post to accurately reflect the official program dates. We are honoring all eligible submissions received by the deadline as outlined in the official terms and conditions, or the original blog post. We can assure you that nobody who qualified will be missing out.”