After being announced at Mobile World Congress 2014, BlackBerry has kept a tight lid on when we’d see the BlackBerry Q20 Classic out in the market until now. According to a new interview with USA Today, BlackBerry CEO John Chen believes this timeframe is November of this year.

Chen was asked by USA Today’s Maria Bartiromo:

“People love their BlackBerrys. You have a whole host of people who really want you to succeed because they love the product. How important is this loyalty?”

Chen responded (bold emphasis is ours):

“I very much appreciate of that. It’s a big part of where we’re going to go. When you look at our loyal customer base, it’s very much concentrated in the government space, in enterprises like banks, insurance companies and various extremely productive oriented industries that need to be very secure. They need to have high security and trusting of the products, both in the handset as well as the software. That’s a big part of my “road map” and strategy.

I’ll give you a couple of examples: We’re going to return the familiar user experience in the handsets business. There’s a new product called the BlackBerry Classic that’s coming out. It’s an updated and enhanced version of one of our most popular and successful products called the Bold. It will include a keyboard and a good touch-screen, very fast Internet, Web-browsing capability and multimedia capability. But also it will be very productive and very secure. So, all the familiar things that people love, with some new technology updated. That will come out in November along with the server that helps companies manage devices. Not only the BlackBerry device, but every device, the iPhone and androids and Windows and everything else.

So, the new products will have a lot to do with the architecture . And we made some announcements of those at the Mobile World Congress.”

There you have it. If you’re waiting for the Classic to use up your next upgrade, you may only have to wait around 7 months to get it. That was only one of the many questions John Chen was asked, so if you’re interested in reading the full interview, check out the source link below.