While browsing some interesting documents, we discovered a few that repeatedly mention ‘BlackBerry Cloud’. Could this be for the BlackBerry Business Cloud Services RIM offers to enterprise users? The BlackBerry Business Cloud Services is designed to be a secure link between an organization’s cloud messaging services and BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Business Cloud Services can provide mobile access to the email accounts and organizer data that are part of an organization’s resources.

Or, could it be RIM’s BlackBerry version of Apple’s iCloud? RIM had dabbled in Cloud technology before it was ever even coined ‘the cloud’. Essentially, RIM was the pioneer in the cloud. RIM has had a very good track record of such services thus far. Perhaps ‘BlackBerry Cloud’ is the new BlackBerry Protect, which backs up your devices data and apps.

Whatever BlackBerry Cloud might be, it will certainly be an offering in BlackBerry 10. What do you think BlackBerry Cloud on BlackBerry 10 will be?