BlackBerry device concepts are always fun to look at, and generally leave us wanting something like that in real life. One of the most different concepts I’ve come across comes to us courtesy of Andrew Zhilin. The BlackBerry L Concept combines a screen that slides across and on top of the famous BlackBerry keyboard we’ve all come to love. Yes, it looks different, for sure, but you have to give the designer props for an innovative approach to this concept.

According to his post on Behance, “the ultimate goal of this project was to break usual preconceptions that people usually have when they hear “concept phone”. Imaginary device can be way more attractive and wanted if it’s designed according to reality guidelines. The closer you get to the inside border of LCD, the more user feels it “real”” [sic].

Zhilin also poised the question as to why he went for a BlackBerry concept, and his answer perfectly describes something we’ve known for a very long time. “That company has its own distinctive style, strife to work with different materials and form-factors, strong corporate concept to differentiate itself from the crowd. And that’s the spirit I’d always appreciate and respect.”

Check out the gallery below, and let us know what you think about the BlackBerry L Concept in the comments below. I know I’m wishing I could get my hands on this device right now!