BlackBerry has made a shocking, albeit expected, announcement this morning; there will be no BlackBerry Live event in 2014. While this has been speculation for quite some time, there has never been an official statement until this Friday morning.

The news was posted on the BizBlog over at the smart phone manufacturer’s website, where a brief history of the event was given. BlackBerry Live originated as the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) way back in 2002, and after 12 amazing events, they have decided to withhold from having one next year.

As a replacement for the large event, BlackBerry will be hosting a variety of smaller events throughout 2014, which will still serve the same purposes as Live did, to “help get your hands on new products, get familiar with our services, to learn about our future plans and roadmaps, and to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of BlackBerry platforms.” [Source]

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