BlackBerry is making some job cuts worldwide, and its devices business seems to be the most affected. BlackBerry confirmed the move but has not specified how many employees are being let go, but did send out a statement in response to the news:

“We continue to grow customer-facing teams around the world, and we continue to invest in bringing in new talent to support areas of strategic focus around software, enterprise, security and the Internet of Things, for example.”


Since the number of job cuts is unknown, it would be premature to assume any major changes are happening within BlackBerry for now. When a company is looking to focus on certain aspects of its business more than others, it’s normal to have certain jobs be cut, while they hire employees in others. Nevertheless, anytime anyone loses their job, it sucks. We’re assuming we’ll know more about these cuts when BlackBerry reports their Q1 2016 earnings on June 23rd.