BlackBerry Considering Option Similar to Apple’s iOS App Advertising in iTunes

BlackBerry Considering Option Similar to Apple’s iOS App Advertising in iTunes

BlackBerry 10 may have successfully launched, and be the first mobile platform to have such a robust app catalogue. However, that isn’t stopping BlackBerry from looking at other ways to court app developers.

BlackBerry recently pushed out a survey to select developers inquiring their opinion on a possible upcoming feature. BlackBerry VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, says in the survey that, “Apple created a whole new segment of advertising designed to allow developers to advertise their apps within iTunes. This seems to be quite popular with iOS developers and so we are wondering if this is something we should consider doing as well.”

The survey goes on to describe how the process would work:

  1. You submit your app through the BlackBerry World vendor portal
  2. You then would go to a site where you could create an advertising campaign. You would specify how much you want to spend, the start and end date, the countries you’d want the ads to run in, and the keywords you’d want to target. The ads would feature the content you have already submitted with the app in your vendor portal submission (e.g. the icon and description)
  3. The ad impressions showcasing your app would be served across the BlackBerry ad network.
  4. As with any advertising impression, some percentage of consumers would click on your ad and some percentage of them would download your app.

The survey asks if BlackBerry were to offer this sort of fee based advertising service to developers, how likely would you be to participate. This certainly doesn’t mean we’ll see this feature anytime soon. Though, it’s a clear indication BlackBerry is trying to pull in many of the robust features found in competing platforms.

If you haven’t received access to the survey, but you’re a developer, would you be interested in a service like this? Sound off in the comments.

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