The BlackBerry PlayBook was a double-edged sword. In one hand the PlayBook helped BlackBerry pave the way to BlackBerry 10, meanwhile it definitely felt like a half-baked product. Nevertheless, it was a crucial stepping stone leading up to BlackBerry 10, despite its unfortunate demise.

But, BlackBerry tablet faithful will be glad to know the company is considering a PlayBook 2. Of course, what company wouldn’t in this day and age even despite failure. Though, don’t expect it to be anytime soon, says BlackBerry’s vice-president of global product management, Francois Mahieu.

“Would BlackBerry consider one day re-entering the tablet market? Yes. Will BlackBerry do it in the coming months? No,” said Mahieu to Pocket-Lint in an interview at Mobile World Congress 2014.

“When we launched PlayBook, beyond the fact that everybody knows that PlayBook was no a huge success, everybody loved it,” said Mahieu. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a meeting one day and I show you a tablet. We have equity in that space, but we’re not ready. We need more time.”