Mobile World Congress has yet to officially begin but BlackBerry has already been front and center with a couple of huge announcements. Arguably the biggest one was the fact that BlackBerry plans on bringing some of its most popular native features like the Hub over to iPhone and Android. Many feel this could mark the beginning of the end of the hardware business for BlackBerry, but CEO John Chen wants you to know that is not the case.

At a media briefing today, Chen made it abundantly clear BlackBerry will still make phones going forward. “I intend to continue to build a hardware business” he told Reuters. “But there will be a lot of focus on the software business too.”

To Chen and BlackBerry, this next step of bringing more of what makes BlackBerry unique to other operating systems is part of the plan.

“This is just a very natural evolution of taking our OS, the surfaces and security layers around it and putting it on others’ devices, so that our serviceable market is not only ‘BlackBerry’ devices, but all devices.”

We shouldn’t forget BlackBerry is still due for a few announcements over the next couple of days. It’s widely expected that one of these announcements will be the unveiling of the BlackBerry Leap, along with possibly other hardware concepts and a roadmap for the company for this calendar year.

If you’re worried about BlackBerry not making phones anymore, hopefully Chen’s comments take away those concerns. BlackBerry is trying to make money in all possible avenues, and that’s exactly what they should be doing. Selfishness aside, BlackBerry needs to be everywhere and on everyone’s phones to stick around for a long time coming.