Last week we spoke with Mercedes AMG Formula One team’s IT director. In the interview, we gained some first-hand insight into the use of BlackBerry with the team. It was described how the partnership between the two companies is cohesive.

Over the weekend I made my way to Melbourne to attend the Australian Grand Prix, the first GP of the 2014 season. The Mercedes AMG Petronas team went on to have Nico Rosberg win the Grand Prix.

Before the Grand Prix, during the qualifying, Lewis Hamilton gained pole position. The Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 W05 Silver Arrow is certainly looking to be the fastest car this season.


This has garnered much media attention for the Mercedes team and drivers. Countless interviews and discussions with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have circulated, with the BlackBerry logo at the forefront on their track suits, team regalia, and with the smartphones in hand.

This has been a form of subliminal marketing for BlackBerry. Despite a viewers focus on Mercedes and the drivers, BlackBerry is still being implanted into the minds of viewers, even if they’re unaware of it occurring.


The effectiveness of subliminal messaging has been demonstrated to prime individual responses and stimulate mild emotional activity. BlackBerry’s sponsorship of Mercedes AMG Petronas was set for a three year term, with only this season and the next left.

If the Mercedes team continues to have year-over-year success, it may be highly advantageous for BlackBerry to continue the sponsorship. The Mercedes team’s success will only gain additional fans and added media attention, which will continue to place the BlackBerry logo and the smartphones use in clear visibility.

Whether or not BlackBerry has seen an increase in sales due to the sponsorship isn’t clear. Although, the countless other team sponsors seem to believe it’s well worth their marketing budget.

In many parts of the world, Formula One drivers are seen as celebrities, or even gods. Mercedes fans who live, breathe, and idolize the likes of Hamilton or Rosberg, are at a higher chance of imitating everything they do and use to be significantly more like them  something sponsors typically understand.