You may have seen the patent images of what is said to be Research In Motion’s forthcoming ‘slider’. We’ve discovered that RIM is working on another full QWERTY keyboard slider, which we’re dubbing the ‘BlackBerry Cube’. The reason we’re calling it the ‘Cube’ is (as you’ll see in the following images) this device folds into itself.
There aren’t any specs on this device, just the ornamental design. From what you can see, it appears to be dual-display. However, it could be similar to the Nintendo DS, where the bottom part is a touchpad. Either way we’re not sure if any of what appear to be screens are touchscreens. It shows a sliding full QWERTY keyboard and trackball. Also, a smaller screen appears on the backside (top of device when in its ‘cube’ shape) that we believe is for caller id, e-mails, texts, etc.
We know RIM has been working on this design since late 2008. Could this be another potential BlackBerry slider? This possible BlackBerry device has been compared to the Samsung Serene and the NEC 910. What do you think of it?