While the world drools over the latest and greatest smartphones with their fancy pants 6.23″ screens, hex-core cpus, 1.7 x 10^54 apps, and almost as many sensors as the Curiosity Rover, they aren’t always the most popular option to buy for most people.  The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 is a great example of this.  In fact, it is the sixth best-selling handset in the UK at the moment after rising 8 places in August 2012.  At a contract/tab price of “free” a very affordable £13 per month, its a pretty tempting offer.  With that, you get BlackBerry 7 and a dedicated BBM button.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch.com mentions, “In light of no new and flashy releases in August, one of the faithful stalwarts of the mobile scene, BlackBerry, has been able to make its return to the top ten, thanks to discounted deals and a loyalty to features such as the eminently excellent BlackBerry Messenger (BBM),”

Despite a little back-handedness in the comment, Mr. Doku does state that the price and BBM are major factors in the Curve 9320’s success.  I would, however, argue that the Curve 9320 does not compete directly with the the flashy new smartphones, which are typically not high-end smartphones.

With the introducing of entry-level BlackBerry 7 smartphones, RIM is tackling the lower-end of the smartphone market, competing with entry-level Android smartphones.  Despite all the news about RIM’s financial and marketshare woes in the USA, which I’m sure everyone has read about already, BlackBerry smartphones and BBM is still very popular in the UK.   Where the Android platform sells on the basis of apps, the complete social messaging service still remains the key selling-point for BlackBerry smartphones as well as its QWERTY keyboard.

Source: GoMoNews