We’ve seen the leaks about the BlackBerry codename ‘Oslo’ which eventually became the ‘Dallas’ for a little while now. We’ve wondered what BlackBerry would end up calling this new device if it ever got released, and a new leak may have just answered that question. BlackBerry10 FR is revealing the BlackBerry Dallas will go to market as the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition – a pretty proper name considering the look of the device.

Now according to previous leaks about this device, it’s not really that much different from the other Passports in terms of internals. It definitely does resemble the AT&T Passport more than the original, but many of us are still wondering for whom BlackBerry is making this device specifically? Why is it necessary, and where is it going to launch?

Hopefully we’ll have some answers in the coming weeks, or months officially. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess. Would you be interested in picking up this new Passport?