Earlier today, BlackBerry announced that they would be opening up BlackBerry 10 to various companies in an effort to further improve the BYOD and COPE efforts of businesses. You may be wondering why the smart phone maker would make such a decision. Well the BlackBerry for Business Blog sat down with the BlackBerry president of Global Enterprise, John Sims, and asked why the decision was made.

Essentially, BlackBerry believes making this move is the best way to an, “open and flexible mobile environment,” for their enterprise customers. Now that the company has made a big move by opening up BlackBerry Messenger to iOS and Android (and eventually Windows Phone), they hope this next step will help them continue to increase the flexibility and choices offered to their customers.

MDM (mobile device management) has become table stakes; it is no longer a meaningful point of differentiation. The differentiation for BlackBerry in the future will be our ability to enable secure, productive mobile communications, collaboration and other applications. 

Furthermore, Sims mentions that opening up BlackBerry 10 will not deter potential customers from BES 10, and even goes as far as to say that when BES 12 is released this fall, and the multi-tenant cloud version in March of next year, it will only continue to cement BlackBerry as the leading multi-platform provider.

Sims is also very quick to assure prosumers that their security will always take full priority. After all, BlackBerry has always been known for its stellar security features, and will continue to offer these even with the platform being open.

You can check out the full interview at the source link. Be sure to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on this latest strategic move from BlackBerry.