Many have wondered whether the ‘glass weave’ seen on devices like the Q10 and Z30 would return on high end devices like the Passport, that have long since been teased by both BlackBerry CEO John Chen, and his cohorts on the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

This time Donny is at it again and he’s brought on two designers of the BlackBerry Passport to detail some of the design ideology. Biggest take away is that there is a new soft touch back designed for the Passport that gives it a clean porcelain feel. This material also gives the necessary grip to wield the device with both hands.

Designer Brian Paschke states, “The rear cover uses a ‘porcelain feel’ coating that is smooth to the touch while providing grip and complementing the soft touch coating used on the black Passport. So they work as a family.”

We’re certainly looking forward to testing that material out for ourselves.


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Inside BlackBerry