RIM has been setting up developers conferences around the world. We’re really glad that they’re doing this and reaching BlackBerry developers all around. The next one outside of North America will be DevCon Europe, which its scheduled date was, until now, unknown. We saw rumors of this on Twitter, but we can confirm DevCon Europe is scheduled for February 7-8 2012 in Amsterdam. Call for Papers has also been extended to August 26th, 2011 – as it was originally to end June 24th.

The BlackBerry® development community has grown immensely, and we want to come to you. Announcing BlackBerry DevCon Europe! BlackBerry DevCon Europe is where developers can get the latest innovations and breakthroughs with the BlackBerry Development Platform. BlackBerry enthusiasts come together for sessions, demonstrations, keynotes, and more — all focused on creating mobile applications for the powerful BlackBerry platform.

You can submit your Call for Papers by visiting the DevCon Europe website here.