Last year RIM held a BlackBerry Developer Day conference here at Santo Domingo where they mentioned that they were planning on making signing keys and other BlackBerry developer  requirements available for free. I was hyped to hear this cause that would only mean one thing: more BlackBerry developers = More apps. Well today they have kept their promise, RIM has announced the availability of code signing keys for both, Tablet OS and Smartphone OS, for FREE.

Though the fee was only $25 it did hold back a few people, but not anymore! They do, although, require a $1 authorization just to make sure all the info you provided was valid. All you need to do is go to and register!

“We require a $1 authorization to ensure the validity of the information provided. The authorization only decreases your spending limit by $1 for a short period and you are never charged the $1.”

If you’re a developer, or want to be, you will need this so make sure you grab yours from