Today CIBC and Rogers Communications performed the First Mobile Creditcard transaction using a BlackBerry Bold 9900. I was lucky enough to be in attendance to witness this First for mobile payments, this marks the beginning of a new era in how we Canadians pay for everyday purchases.

This historic transaction took place at Tim Hortons 56 wellesly St. W, Toronto Ontario.  Simon Whitefield, a Canadian Olympic Triathlete medallist, performed it buying 3 coffees for himself and David Williamson, Senior Executive Vice President and group head, Retail & business banking CIBC, and David Robinson Vice President of Emerging business at Rogers Communications.

The transaction was so fast I actually couldn’t maneuver through the TV cameras fast enough to catch any video!  This process was as fast or faster than the traditional PayPass I use on my MasterCard.

CIBC says that this new way to pay will be available to all CIBC credit card clients using a Rogers Smartphone.  A spokes person from Rogers said we can order our NFC Sim cards online as early as today,  and they’ll be available on November 16th!

Merchants won’t need all new terminals CIBC and Rogers say if the terminal can accept paywass, (Mastercard) or paywave (Visa) payments this will work, I look forward to testing those claims

I for one am excited to get onboard his new method of payments! How about you? Check out the video below: