Mike Moza of Marketocracy recently spoke to Forbes after investing into the company, and he believes that the Canadian smartphone maker has the potential to double its value over the next two years. In the interview, Moza attributes this potential to three things: the cash BlackBerry has on hand, the potential of BBM, and the unwavering loyalty of the BlackBerry community.

Mike Moza has a pretty legendary stock portfolio that has averaged a 19% growth on his over 300 investments, with 61% of them turning a profit. He recently purchased some stock in BlackBerry, around 10-12% of his total portfolio is in the company, because he strongly believes that the company has what it takes to turn these tough times into something great.

BlackBerry currently has right around $2.7 billion in cash lying around, and Moza believes this is one of their strengths. He thinks that if the BlackBerry can, “Fix their cash flow problem by stabilizing the company,” then the folks on Wall Street will begin to see the smartphone maker as a worthy investment, and this will help them achieve a quarter where they can break even. After that, profits can’t be too far away.

With the recent purchase of WhatsApp for $19 billion by Facebook, it pretty much goes without saying that the instant message market is a force to be reckoned with. Moza sees tons of potential in BBM and its 80 million active users, and even though he personally doesn’t IM or text message (weird right?), he recognizes that many business are starting to see the value of having millions of users subscribed to a particular service.

Finally, and I wear this point as a badge of honor, is the loyalty of the BlackBerry community. I myself have been a BlackBerry user for a little over six years. It’s the only smartphone I’ve ever owned, and will mostly likely be the only one I ever will own. I bleed BlackBerry. I even ate Blackberries as a snack this morning. And I know I’m not alone.

The BlackBerry community is strong. We’re extremely united and close knit and are loyal to our products. Moza is intrigued by this.

“We’ve seen market share loss over time in competition with other smartphones, but there is a pervasive loyalty found in remaining Blackberry users that I find thought provoking. I wonder what drives it and what aspects of the products—particularly the new line—these individuals find so compelling. I’d like to know what their brand loyalty is attributed to.”


Well there are plenty of things that are compelling about BlackBerry 10. I’d like to get into a list of these things right now, but unfortunately, that’s not really the purpose of this article. If you’re a BlackBerry user, and the chances of that are high if you’re on this page, you know what keeps you coming back to this wonderful platform.


Here’s what I’d like to propose: let’s get a BlackBerry Z30 or Q10 into the hands of Mike Moza so he can see for himself why we love our little phones so much. I don’t doubt that after a week he will have a better understanding of the unstoppable loyalty of #TeamBlackBerry.

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