Discussing with a few of our sources regarding PlayBook OS 2.0, QNX, BES, and BIS we’ve learned quite a bit. The BES we’ve come to know with BlackBerry OS is essentially dead. RIM has had to completely re-do everything in order to support QNX. With that said, BES will no longer be integrated in the way it was before. There will be separate software for BES support and it will be coupled with Brezel (ubitexx) to allow for ActiveSync.

The use of this software opens up the ability for RIM to additionally manage iOS and Android devices (smart move?). Although this seems like a fair solution for BES, we’ve heard RIM has yet to come up with one for BIS. Until RIM can get BIS ready for QNX, we’re told the BlackBerry native e-mail will be more like that which is found on an Android or iOS device (Pop3, IMap, EAS integration). This means that the BlackBerry e-mail on QNX will no longer be the true push e-mail that has made RIM’s BlackBerry what it is today. There will no longer be data centers to poll the mail boxes and see if there are new messages.

We aren’t certain if this will stay as the permanent solution to native e-mail. We’re hopeful RIM will create a solution for allowing true push e-mail on QNX devices, but the technology to integrate it doesn’t appear to be available on the QNX platform. Assuming the information we’ve been given is accurate, RIM cannot stand to lose one of the last few features that separates a BlackBerry from the rest of the pack. How do you think this will impact RIM and the future of BlackBerry? Sound off in the comments! If you’d like to see how native e-mail looks on the PlayBook, you can check out the video shown at BlackBerry World here.